1948 Society Contributors


Cabin destroyed by
Hurricane Florence

New Cabin 6!

80+ trees were lost
from Hurricane Florence

New Shoreline and
'Vesper Beach'!

We are so thankful to our Don Lee Family for their generous support during our Hurricane Florence recovery.

Below is a list of our 1948 Society contributors for their gifts of $5000.00 or more to aid us in the our rebuilding:

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Durham

Ann Street United Methodist Church, Beaufort

Dana and Jon Branham Family

Tom and Rev. Lib Campbell

Bradley Cummins and Kristen Prescott

Davis Street United Methodist Church, Burlington

Garber United Methodist Church, New Bern

Mrs. Iris Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Jones

Jack and Gladys Lee

Drs. Robert and Toni  Meeks

Kate Cooper Metts

Mr. and Mrs. Reynard Nill III

North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries

Edward C. Smith

The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation Inc.

Sylvester Family Foundation

Amanda Tilley

Ms. Dixie Wells and Mr. Patrick Auld

Andy and Jen Willis

David and Claire Cox-Woodlief