Visitation & Cell Phone Policy


There is no visitation for parents, but e-mails and letters are welcomed and encouraged!

Parents are also invited to inspect the facilities and meet the staff on Opening and Closing Days. We know that parents want to be able to hear from their camper, to talk with them and be sure they are doing well.

When campers are homesick, we have found that calls from home sometimes prolong the camper’s adjustment to camp life. If an emergency situation arises at home we ask that parents contact one of the camp directors.

Directors will gladly assist you and your camper in every situation!

Phone Calls and Cell Phone Policy

Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones, tablets or smart phones to camp. Our technology policy is designed to allow campers to experience camp away from the distractions of everyday life and have time a part to develop relationships with other campers, their counselors and expand their relationship with God and creation. When children and youth come to camp, we understand that parents are making a leap of faith, temporarily transferring their primary care of their camper from parent to counselor. This is one of the most growth-producing, yet challenging aspects of camp. As children learn to trust other caring adults, they grow and learn, little by little, to solve some of their own challenges. We believe this emerging independence is one of the greatest benefits of camp, It is one important way a child develops great resilience.
We offer a program that allows parents to receive emails from their camper as well as for you to send emails to your camper. You must go in and register with our vendor Bunk 1 to access these services. In addition, through Bunk 1 we post photos by camp group most every day the camper is at camp. If the camper is registered for a program that includes a trip, photos will not be posted for that group while they are away from camp.
If a camper is found with a cell phone, smartphone or tablet at camp, we will notify you and keep it safely secured for the camper until pick up on Saturday. If you have an emergency and you need to contact us, please call 252.249.1106 ext 27. This phone line will be checked periodically each day until 10 p.m. Any messages left after that time will be checked the next morning. Please remember that no news is good news regarding your son or daughter and this time away from home is beneficial to the camper in many, many ways.