#1 Thing Parents Should Know

Camp Don Lee has long established a policy of partnering with parents for a successful camp experience for their child.

We Partner with You

We want to work together to provide the most positive experience possible.  We want to be able to call you to inform you about your camper.  We want to ask you if you have any suggestions of how we can work with any situation or need.  We want to establish together a plan of action that will lead to success for the camper and the camp.

We Want You to Partner with Us

We want  you, as the parent, to call us and tell us if you believe your child is having trouble.  We want you to allow us to investigate, correct, and solve problems wherever possible.  We want to stay in touch with you.

Parental Help and Support at the Beginning Goes a Long Way

We find that letters home written the first night, phone calls made in the first 24 hours, and situations described sometimes only need a little time to heal themselves.  Sometimes they need help, support, correction and shared information between counselors, staff, and parents.  Giving the Don Lee staff the information that is needed to help your child have a great camp experience can go a long way.

Sharing Information with Us

Many times we find the problems that surface at camp did not begin at camp.  They were brought from home in some fashion.  Share information on your health form, with your counselor, or call the Program Leadership Team to discuss your camper’s information.  Good information leads to a successful partnership on both sides.

If you ever have a concern, please contact us! Email is the fastest way to get in touch with us at info@donleecenter.org. Or, you can call us and leave a message on the Summer Camp Hotline at (252) 249-1106 ext 27. We kindly ask that you do not leave messages on multiple extensions.  We will call you back! Our Program Directors are usually running camp and may not be in their offices, but they will call you back when you leave a message on the hotline.