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We are very excited for Summer 2024 and our summer staff team! Please read and familiarize yourself with the information below to prepare for applying for Summer Staff 2024. If you have any questions about the 2024 Summer staff season please email

Learn more about our Summer 2024 Leadership Staff HERE! 

We are looking for highly motivated, energetic, contagiously fun, hard-working, team-focused Christian staff to work as a part of our Summer Staff Team.

We are looking for staff members who have the following characteristics:

  • An individual who desires to be actively involved in Christian ministry to God's people; a person who has a passion for working with children and youth in a life affirming community.

  • A person whose Christian faith is a guiding force in his/her everyday life and who is willing to share that faith with campers and staff; persons who can actively and effective share their faith experience and expression.

  • A person who has an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of God's creation; and who practices a lifestyle of care and compassion for the common good of persons and creation.

  • A person who can work effectively in a team situation and has basic skills which enable him/her to do this in a loving and caring way; a person who can lead and follow as a member of and exciting team of community facilitators.

  • A person who is emotionally and spiritually willing and able to support a camp program that is a full residential program which requires focus and attention 24 hours per day.

Please be sure to go to the following links below to see the qualifications and expectations of Summer Staff before applying:

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Click HERE to access the Summer Staff 2024 Application. Once completed, fill out the Pre-Interview form which can be found HERE.


On the fence about applying? Click HERE to learn more about our summer staff and why they believe Camp Don Lee is the best place to spend your summer!

Summer Staff Dates:

Session 1: Weeks 1-5- June 9 - July 12

Session 2: Weeks 6-9- July 14 - August 9

All summer: Weeks 1-9- June 9 - August 9

In Order to Work, Staff Development is Required for All Returning and New Staff.

It is a requirement that all staff attend one of our staff development events, Weekend Staff Development or Week-Long Staff Development.

Weekend Staff Development is for high school aged students as they typically cannot attend Week-Long Staff Development due to school still being in session. Weekend Staff Development must be attended in its entirety. We welcome high school aged students to attend Week-Long Staff Development as well, or parts of it, if their school schedule allows.

Week-Long Staff Development is for college aged students, as most colleges are out of school by the time we begin staff development. Exceptions can be made for college aged staff to attend Weekend Staff Development instead, but this will be on a case by case basis. Week-Long Staff Development must be attended in its entirety.

Waterfront Staff Development is a requirement for all staff who are accepted onto waterfront staff, these jobs involve direct water supervision such as lifeguards and sailing. Lifeguard certification is also a requirement to be on waterfront staff. Your lifeguard certification must be complete and current by the time of Waterfront Staff Development.

Leadership Staff Development is a requirement for staff who are accepted onto the summer leadership team. These jobs include but are not limited to, Sail Master, Assistant Sail Master, Head Counselors, OLS Coordinator, Aquatics Coordinator.

Staff Development dates are as follows:

Weekend Staff Development: February 23-25, 2024

Leadership Staff Development: May 20-24, 2024

Waterfront Staff Development: May 24-27, 2024

Week-Long Staff Development: May 29-June 5, 2024

First Aid and CPR Requirement:
Every staff MUST be certified in (at least) Basic First-Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer (Adult, Child, and AED) before you arrive for Staff Training. All Waterfront staff must have First Aid & CPR certifications as well as a valid Lifeguarding certification.

Click HERE to access the Summer Staff 2024 Application. Once completed, fill out the Pre-Interview form which can be found HERE.

Please email with any questions or concerns. Sail on sailors!

Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center Summer Staff Hiring Process