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The Small Group:

"The Heart of the Don Lee Experience!"

Camp Don Lee's summer program is built around a group model that includes eight girls and eight boys of approximately the same age led by two trained and experienced counselors. The group is also supported by two program staff members from the waterfront, pool, craft, nature or operations staff.

Small group camping is the unique trademark of the Don Lee experience. Within this model, the group grows in trust and faith as they work together, play together, and worship together. Year after year campers and alumni tell us that "the group" was so essential to the joy and excitement of their camp experience.  Don Lee focuses on building the community of the group.  Activities are fun and exciting but "the group" is where the real experience is built.  Groups do not always start out in perfect relationships, but with willingness and sharing, growth in trust and trustworthiness can lift the experience to a real high moment in a camper's life.

A Typical Day at Camp:

Each day begins with Morning Watch and ends with group vespers. The group has the opportunity to create its own schedule each day choosing from adventure sailing, stimulating faith formation activities, swimming 'hole' fun, creek canoeing, sea kayaking, creative expressions in crafts, drama, marine science, and challenge (a team building period where groups visit the low ropes challenge course). CLICK HERE to see a typical daily schedule.

And the Fun Goes On:

The experience does not end there. Campers have opportunities to sail on over-lunch picnics to Shark's Tooth Point, stargaze on our pier, feed seagulls off the Minnesott Beach Ferry, spend a night camping at an outpost, cook over a campfire, ride the hay wagon, crab off the pier, write caper cheers, sing in the Dining Hall, go on a early morning Polar swim, canoe to the beaver dam, rig up the Flying Scots for an after dinner sail, challenge other groups to a game of volleyball or soccer, and so much more! The Camp Don Lee experience is an exciting, intense time of fun and Christian fellowship that your camper will remember for years to come.

Every Camper Learns to Sail:

Camp Don Lee is known nationally for its strong, adventure-filled sailing programs. Campers of all ages can learn the basics of sailing on one of our 13' Sunfish. Campers will also have the chance to experience sailing on the larger 19' Flying Scots and 16' Hobie 16 Catamarans. Sailing in the three miles wide Neuse River is available every day for every camper. Older extended stay groups go on sailing trips to points along the river and coast, such as Croatan National Forest, our outpost near Oriental, South River, Vandemere, historic New Bern , Shackleford Banks, Pamlico Sound, and Cape Lookout National Seashore. These two- and three-week programs include camping in tents and preparing meals over a fire on these two- to five-day journeys.


Campers are housed in cabins with bunk beds. All cabins have a screened porch area. All meals are served family style in our Dining Hall or are cooked over a campfire. Summer camp is a time for fun, adventure, friends and growing closer to God.

The mailing address is:
Camp Don Lee
315 Camp Don Lee Road
Arapahoe, NC 28510

For summer camp information, please contact the Leadership Team at:
(252) 249-1106 ext 27, or info@donleecenter.org

Check-in: Sundays is 2:30pm - 4:00pm.

Pick-up (New Friday Procedures):
Summer Camp Friday Pick-up (June 18 - August 13, 2021): 9:15am - 10:30am
Summer Camp Saturday Pick-up (Early Weeks 1-3 2021 only): 9:15am - 10:30am

In order to get camp ready for the next group of campers and to make sure pick-up is conducted in a safe and orderly manner, the new gate at Camp Don Lee will be closed Friday morning until 9:15am. At that time, parents will be welcomed into camp with staff there to greet and direct you to the location of your camper's group for pick-up. Please plan to pick up your camper between 9:15am and 10:30am. All campers must be picked up by 10:30am. This information will be shared on Thursdays before pick-up via phone call and email. If you miss it, Staff will direct you. When you arrive at the camper's pick-up location,  you will find your camper, their luggage and their counselors. Parents will sign out campers, receive any leftover medications, the group photo, crafts and luggage. If there are questions for the nurse or physician, they will be at checkout.


"I want to tell you how special Don Lee is to our family. Our children have attended camp at Don Lee every summer since they were each in the first grade. Our oldest will work there this summer. The staff, fellow campers and leadership at Don Lee have helped shape and define our children's faith. Camp Don Lee has re-enforced their spiritual life and helped them keep their focus in a world so full of temptations and challenges. It is a safe, nurturing, caring place where they learn and grow with fellow Christians and we are thankful for it's positive influence on our children's lives." - Words of a mother of two long-time campers.

It's All About the Experience
Camp Don Lee is about finding new friends that share the fun and discoveries of a life changing experience. Camp Don Lee is about adventures, stories, challenges, and lots of good times. Camp Don Lee is about sharing with others "secrets" and "wonders". Camp Don Lee is about really growing closer to God, to others, and to ourselves.

Experience the presence of God through wind and water, through story and song, and through friendships that last a lifetime. Camp Don Lee has offered Christian camping experiences for children and youth for seven decades. Nestled on the north shore of the Neuse River near New Bern, North Carolina, it is an ideal setting for campers to learn how to sail, to explore God's creation, and to grow in their faith.

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