No parent wants their child to be the victim of a bully.  Likewise, we hope that no parent wants their child to be the bully.  Camp Don Lee has established practices to help identify, correct, and heal the practice of bullying when it exists in a cabin group or from one group to another.  We have affirmed what the experts have said in that it is not limited to one socioeconomic group or even to one family situation.  We have found this behavior exhibited in a wide variety of children and youth for a range of reasons or no reason at all.

We are committed to creating a safe environment at camp where no child should have to fear another child.  We are building practices to heal attitudes that produce peer on peer bullying.  Our staff is trained to pay especially close attention to campers during unstructured times like rest period and lights out. Bullying is not limited to camp and does not begin at camp.  We will work with campers, parents, and staff to build practices that eliminate this behavior.  We need parental partners.  We encourage you, as parents, to please let us know about any particular bullying concerns you may have for your child before, during, or after camp. This includes any camp-related emails, social media messages or text-messages that may have led to exclusion or meanness towards your child by somebody else. We want to ensure that this problem can be managed by a strong partnership between our camp and your family.