Camp’s Expectations of Campers

Every camper comes to camp with a different set of background experiences.

Every camper comes with a set of unique expectations.

Camp Don Lee operates a program centered on a small group experience.  This small group becomes the primary place of trust and opportunity to demonstrate positive Christian community attributes. The group must grow and move toward the goal of establishing a Christian community.

Therefore Camp Don Lee would hope and expect that campers will participate in the group process.

  • Campers should be willing to follow the lead and direction of the counseling team.

  • Campers will be patient as they build something of true value.

  • Campers need to be willing to work through problems with the guidance of the counseling team.

  • Campers who disengage, band together in cliques that separate/divide the group, and campers who want to “bail out” contribute to the lack of success for the group.

  • Groups will be different at the end of the week than they are on the first night.  Groups who work through the process build powerful lifelong friendships and valuable skills in community living.

  • Adults working with campers need good information and feedback.  They are trained to personally “check-in” on how campers are doing several times a day.  Campers who, for whatever reason, do not reveal what is going on for them in their camp experience, delay the time it will take for a staff member to work on solving any problems that may exist.

  • Yes, problems may exits, and yes, problems do take time to solve.  We ask campers and parents give that process time to succeed.