Lost & Found

Lost and found items are returned to the camper whenever possible.

Please make sure that all of your camper’s items are clearly marked with first and last names.

Lost and found is available for parents to look through on closing day. Any lost and found items that are unclaimed will be held for two weeks and then donated to charity. If items are left please request their return.  If they can be located they will be mailed back to the camper.

It is estimated that there are 350 Lost and Found Items left behind by their owner each summer. Don't let your luggage add to this avoidable number.

Another way to avoid lost and found items is to send your camper with a small bag to carry their personal items in around camp.  

A draw string bag or small book bag are popular choices. We also suggest you talk with your camper about making sure they keep track of their items.

Our staff help campers gather their items when leaving any location and are trained to help campers make sure they have everything that was theirs. Please make sure that your camper's items are ALL clearly marked with their first and last names.