Why should you send your kids to camp?

Camp is such a great opportunity for kids to grow in so many different ways- below we have included articles from various resources that we feel articulate the benefits of a camping experience for children and youth. We love camp!


Camp provides children with a community of caring adults who nurture experiential education that results in self-respect and appreciation for human value. All of the outcomes — self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, and self-respect — build personal competencies. These personal competencies are reflected in the four "C's" of the camp community: compassion, contribution, commitment, and character!  -ACA


At camp, each child is placed in a group with a number of children who they may have never met. Staff is trained to play ice breaker games and have conversations that create comfort right from the start. -MymetroParents


Campers at these camps [Christian summer camps] are immersed in a faith-forming environment in which the songs, games, and activities become part of a theological playground. They do not just study God or take in information about God, as they might be asked to do in confirmation class or listening to a sermon in church. Instead, they experience a life that is caught up with and dependent on God’s ongoing activity in the world. -Build Faith


3 reasons to send your kid to summer camp

  1. Your children will stay both physically and socially active during summer camp.
  2. Learning to have fun without technology. Your kids will have to put down the iPads and smart phones, and have fun without technology. 
  3. Learn independence. -Summercamps.com