Camper Mail

There is a large volume of mail at Camp Don Lee. We encourage families and friends to write letters and send snail mail.

We ask that every mailed item be labeled with the camper’s name and group number.

Snail Mail and Packages are delivered each day.  Mail is picked up by the counselor once to twice a day and distributed to the campers.

All major package delivery companies (UPS – FEDX) service Don Lee. We ask that packages not contain food.

Mailing Address:
Camper Name/Group Number
Camp Don Lee
315 Camp Don Lee Road
Arapahoe, NC 28510

Please do not give counselors mail that you would like to be delivered on a certain date.  Our counselors and staff need to be primarily concerned with camper's safety, campers being included, campers having fun, the schedule, and planning the nightly devotion among other things rather than be concerned (or remember) when to deliver camper mail or packages.